i’m gonna tell Elena how much I love her

Bones hardly cries, but god, when she does…







"Today is the last day of filming for Billy Boy. And it’s really bitter sweet because on the one hand, it’ been really emotionally taxing to work on this project because it’s so personal and it’s so dark. The bitter part is that this has been such a dream - and it’s been kind of… just from day one, so unbelievably surreal and such a joy to see something that I had such a stake in making, becoming, bringing it to life. And have.. — I’ve put such blood, sweat and tears in, (sometimes literally). It’s a joy to see it come to life, and it’s easier to kind of invest myself much more than I ever have in any other job because I’m surrounded by people that know me, and I’m with Blake, you know, who’s not just someone I love acting with but my partner in life. Like, that - it’s kind of indescribable. It’s hard to articulate how much I loved working on this movie…..It’s kind of this thing where I’m sitting back and reflecting and feeling really proud and really blessed to be apart of something that feels so special and unique and raw."


I  l o v e d  him.

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